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This Company got started once i began to realize how important supplements are when it comes to improving your health. I wanted the process to be much simpler than going to a random GNC and having some creepy guy at the counter try to assume my fitness goals and tell me what i needed. I want to reduce the judgement based around the gym and promote the healthy lifestyle of getting in shape and maintaining it. i believe it is a proces that someone needs to take on by themselves after all everyones body requires different nutrients and have different goals



I just wanna reiterate that gymtimidation is not a real thing in the gym. from my experience of beginning to lift, i have been hit with nothing but positive experiences with the same people i was intimidated by when i first started. People involved with the gym generally want to help you get into better shape and lift safer. If you ever catch someone staring at you in the gym there is 3 possibilities of whats happening. They're either thinking your cute, worried about your form and want to help, or they are tweaking off too much caffeine. Understand that there is people in the gym who it feels like they are in 10x better shape then me, but that doesn’t mean i should quit going because i can never achieve what they have achieved. i personally have struggled with body dysmorphia and the feeling that i look a lot worse than i actually do. A lot of social media is photoshop, good lighting, or certain poses. Even when i started having my abs start showing, i still felt that i was out of shape.




Everyone who works out is just trying to improve their health, whether it be physical or mental. Nobody goes to the gym to intimidate people (except for those gym douches who go to planet fitness trying to set off the lunk alarm). I’ve personally never looked down on anyone just starting out in the gym and it truly makes me feel amazing to watch others become more consistent and reach and even exceed the goals they originally set out for. We are only human and are limited in what we are capable of doing. Don’t idealize a certain physique because it will ultimately set yourself up for disappointment, instead focus on improving your health and accomplishing small goals. The way you build a house is one brick at a time, accomplishing your goals is the same way. 



Sorry For The Blurry Picture, The Lighting Is Crazy So I'd Look Better On Stage


Having Grown up in Fresno, California, there was never much to do. With a city with the slogan “the biggest little city”, you can imagine how little there is actually going on. My parents always pushed us to get outside and go into nature instead of just sitting inside playing video games. Even though i was always extremely active as a kid, i always struggled with keeping off weight and staying in shape. I eventually became tired of people making comments about my weight and decided to get into the gym. I worked my ass off for 2 years doing what felt like thousands of hours on the treadmill and stair master and seeing no results. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that one of my friends parents who owned a nutrition shop next to my gym began talking to me about the benefits of supplements. But i still chose to put aside the idea of spending money on my health when i thought i could do just fine drinking a half gallon of milk a day to put on muscle. (Not fitness advice by the way as dairy causes bloating)

It wasn’t until my friends parents offered to sponsor me in a NPC Bodybuilding tournament that i decided to start trying to supplement my diet. I’ll be honest, at first i was super skeptical, i had a trainer who “prescribed” me dietary supplements and my moms heart dropped when i came home with four different pill bottles she was convinced was “steroids” and was going to turn me into a Arnold Schwarzenegger over night. That wasn’t the case. Over that 6 weeks, i started taking supplements to help blood flow and promoted the gaining of lean muscle. I immediately began to notice changes in my body. Not only was i becoming more lean, my head had started feeling better and for the first time in my life i was able to stop taking my ADHD medication and pay attention in school on my own. From that experience i learned how important it is to pay attention to what you are putting in your body. 

I’m not saying you need to become a bodybuilder or need an insane workout schedule to take supplements (I feel like this is usually what people think when they hear i take supplement). Nor am i saying you will be a fitness influencer after a week of taking supplements. Anyone can take them and feel their body improve, but to change how you look is going to take some serious time and dedication. No marathon runner finishes without training, no bodybuilder can compete without training, and no worker can work without training. Your body is the same, if you run like a marathon runner long enough you’ll look like a runner. if you lift like a bodybuilder for long enough you’ll begin to look like a bodybuilder. if you put in the work to become a lawyer, you will be a lawyer. Nobody in the world has the power to change that, if you wanna be something you have to identify what it requires to become it. Nothing in this world is easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a simple process once you start.


Nate L.

Professional Weight


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