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3 Ways to Build Bigger Arms, Faster

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Building big arms is all about hitting the major parts of the arm: the bicep, the tricep, and the deltoids.

While working out, it's important to know that to properly build muscle you need to build it in every part of your body. Not just your arms. There is no shortcut to growing muscle, while supplements like protein powder and creatine can help in the process, it's important to know that it is a process. While lifting consistently is very important in building muscle, its also important to note that you can't build muscle if you are getting enough nutrients in your body. A general rule if you're trying to build muscle is to consume more calories than you burn. The opposite applies if you are trying to lose weight or become lean.

“Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow”

While anyone can tell you that the best ways to put on muscle is by strictly doing bicep curls, it's important to know that the bicep is actually one of the smaller muscles in the arm. If you wanted to put on size and appear bigger quickly, I would focus on training the triceps and deltoids to help you fill out your shirts. One fitness blogger i personally follow and trust their advice is by Jake Dickson on his site ( Just keep in mind there are a million different ways to workout and all of them contribute to the same goal over time. Don't be scared to try new lifts and never be afraid to do a lift just because you can't lift the weight. Everyone in the gym started at some point and understands the struggle, beginners don't realize it but they actually receive way more praise for starting to lift than at any point. The gym might be full of jacked people but it is a very welcoming environment if you're willing to leave your ego at the door. Everyone is there for the same purpose.

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