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How to Push Past Your Peak Performance

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

It's important to remember whenever you're training that everything is built up over time. If you never run, is it really a realistic goal to run a marathon the day after you run your first mile? No, its built up over time and many many miles. There is a basic rule that your results are the product of the amount of time x effort you put into your training. If you wanted to be a NFL quarterback, you probably should start out by learning to throw a spiral, not just through yourself into a game and expecting to have results beyond what skill level. Exercise is the same way, if you want to get better at running long distances. You need to start running more until your body can handle it. If you want to bench 225 lbs, you should start by making sure you can rep the bar. Nothing is built in a day and never forget, bodybuilders dedicate their lives to eating healthy and lifting everyday but they can only be in competition shape for around a month. Don't compare yourself to anything except yourself the day before.

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