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The 10 Best EDM Workout Songs Of 2022

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

The 10 best EDM songs to workout to

Getting inspiration from the music you listen to fades very quickly. I can’t be the only one who has ruined some really great songs by listening to them over and over and over again while at the gym. The purpose of this list is to give you some great new songs that can once again get you working harder in the gyms you can fade out through your headphones.

Coming in at #10 is Memories (feat. Kid Cudi) by David Guetta

This song is a classic that a lot of people know, it has a solid energetic beat and who can hate on kid cudi.

#9 Love Tonight (David Guetta remix edit) by Shouse & David Guetta

This is one of the most played songs on instagram and tik tok at the moment. If you aren't tired of it yet, just wait till you realize how good of a pump you can get from this song.

#8 Rapture by Alok & Daniel Blume

Alok is one of the quickest growing EDM artists right now, this song will send you to another dimension while making the weights feel lighter than they should be

#7 Amnesia by Loud Luxury & Ship Wrek

Loud luxury has made a huge name for itself already with songs like Body, this song is for sure to take you to another level.

#6 On Your Mind by Kaskade

While Kaskade is more well known as a house artist, this song is great to fade into. It has a solid beat and is personally one of my favorite songs. My apple music account said i listened to this song over 200 times this past year so that definitely says something.

#5 Cocaine Model by ZHU

With a similar style and rhythm to On Your Mind, this song will definitely give you a chill vide with the energetic beat it goes alongside. I'm expecting big things from ZHU in the future.

#4 The Business by Tiësto

One of the most solid EDM songs for working out. If you don't like listening to this while working out may i suggest a different genre of music because you clearly just don't like EDM

#3 Pump It Up by Endor

Come on, a song that is literally about getting a pump. Well maybe not literally, but who can hate on this song while working out. It has Lyrics telling you what to do while working out and a beat that will make you want to go 10x harder than you were on the previous song.

#2 Animals by Martin Gariix

An all time great EDM song. If you haven't already heard this song do you even listen to EDM?

#1 Level’s by Avicii

Levels is and forever will be the greatest EDM song of all time. Whether you are just hanging out with friends, going for a drive, or trying to get the nastiest pump of your life. This is the song for you, after all this song is literally just as good in reverse as it is normal.

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