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  • ✅ LASER-LIKE FOCUS - Mental Trigger is an advanced nootropic supplement that may help enhance cognitive function through key nutrient supplementation.
  • ✅ ENERGY SUPPORT - Our supplement contains key ingredients with 250 mg of caffeine and 35 mg of Mucuna Pruriens per serving. You may experience alertness, wakefulness, and an enhanced mood.
  • ✅ PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - Mental Trigger is formulated to support the effectiveness of caffeine, increase mental clarity, and improve mood.
  • ✅ GAIN A COMPETITIVE EDGE - A formula designed to support energy levels while also enhancing mental clarity. Whether cramming for a test or preparing for an interview, Mental Trigger will have you ready and where you need to be!
  • ✅ FOR HEALTHY ADULTS - Anyone can benefit from this brain-enhancing supplement, from athletes and students to gamers.


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