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Due to Covid-19, some suppliers have experienced shortages of basic ingredients needed to make supplements. If a order is ever on backorder, we will immediately contact you and see if you still wish to purchase the product. Once the product is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number and an expected delivery of the product. Once the item has been officially shipped, we cannot offer returns or refunds until the product has been received by the consumer. After delivery, you have 30 days to contact our team regarding returning the product and receiving a full refund.


If you ever feel a product doesn't meet our high standards, simply send us an email in the contact us section and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. If a item is damaged or lost in transit, simply let us know and we'll happily send you another one without cost to you. all you need to do is provide us with proper information regarding the product so we can make the process better for the future.

If an item is returned, we need it to be untampered with in order for you to get your money back. If the item is damaged during transit, please let us know. We have a 30 day policy regarding damaged goods to ensure customers aren't sending back products that are half consumed or have normal wear and tear over time. If an item is returned within those 30 days after delivery, we offer your money back. 

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